Our story

New Direction Does More

New Direction Trust Company was born from a question shared by two talented investors – If the money in my pocket can grow through investments in alternative assets, why can’t the money in my retirement account do the same?

Back in 2001, Catherine Wynne supplemented her work as a mechanical engineer in the nuclear power field with successful property investments. Meanwhile, Bill Humphrey, a Certified Public Accountant, sought to leverage his tax knowledge and maximize the earning potential of similar real estate endeavors.

Both investors wanted to put real estate to work for their retirement plans, but they both encountered road blocks. Most IRA and 401(k) providers didn’t allow real estate holdings, and those that did charged such exorbitant fees that it wasn’t worth the while. When Catherine and Bill met and discovered their common dilemma, they knew they could establish a cost-effective, educational, and customer service-based solution for self-directed investors who sought to reduce their exposure to Wall Street and pursue true retirement diversification.

New Direction IRA was born from their shared vision. Then, after 15 years of providing the best self-directed retirement services in the industry, New Direction Trust Company ushered in a new era of efficiency and technology without sacrificing the bedrock principles that brought them this far.


New Direction IRA opened for business as an independently owned franchise of a national retirement provider, all from the humble premises of Bill’s basement.


New Direction IRA acquired a self-directed retirement franchise in Hawaii to increase its national reach.


Total cash and assets under administration reached $300 million.


Having adopted over 1,000 accounts from a franchise in Minnesota, New Direction IRA reached $1 billion in cash and assets under administration.


New Direction IRA became New Direction Trust Company, a Kansas-regulated non-depository trust company based in Overland Park, Kansas with administrative offices in Louisville, Colorado.


New Direction Trust Company carries Errors and Omissions Insurance, Cyber Security Insurance of $2M, and has a bond of $1M.

New Direction Trust Company now employs over 60 full-time staff members, provides services for over 51,000 accounts, and holds $3.7 billion in cash and assets. Our ongoing mission is to provide our clients with education, flexibility, and the basic understanding that their spectrum of self-directed investment abilities may be broader than they think. Free online access to live webinars, recorded videos, and relevant articles help ensure our current and prospective clients receive up-to-date information about the self-directed world. Meanwhile, conference attendance, event hosting, and continuing education courses for certified public accountants, attorneys, and asset providers allow us to spread the word to every member of one’s financial team.